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Mr. Will’s House of Thrills – BodyWorx Silicone Review


BodyWorx Silicone - Mr Will ReviewShevibe recently sent me the entire new line of Sliquid Ride Bodyworx in exchange for unbiased reviews. The Ride Bodyworx formulas are a male targeted line, and I’ve reviewed the Ride Bodyworx Water Based and Ride Bodyworx Silk Hybrid already.

It’s a pure silicone lubricant designed specifically for men (but usable by everyone, for reference). It’s made to last and last without need for a reapplication, and because it is PURE silicone, it’s perfectly body safe. The ingredients list is super short:

Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol

All three of those chemicals are different types of silicone, so Ride Bodyworx Silicone is waterproof… You can play in the pool, the tub, the shower. It will work where you need it without washing away until you want it gone.

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