Mr. Will’s House of Thrills – BodyWorx Silk Hybrid Review

March 20, 2014 RideBodyWorx No comments exist

Mr Will Silk Hybrid ReviewMr. Will’s House of Thrills Writes: As I mentioned in my Ride Bodyworx Water Based Review, Shevibe sent out Sliquid’s re-worked Ride line of lubes in exchange for an unbiased review. Sliquid is a pretty respected company in the world of sexual lubricants, mainly because they steer clear of any unnecessary chemicals and strive for excellence.

Ride Bodyworx Silk Hybrid is a “hybrid” lube… Water based lubes have a problem with drying out too quickly and silicone lubes have issues with being slick but feeling unnatural and hard to wash away. Hybrid lubes seek to find a nice middle ground by adding the combining the long lasting glide of silicone with the natural feel and easy clean up of water based lubes. Why does this matter to you? Longer play, fewer reapplications, lots of frigging fun.

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