Sliquid Introduces “Ride Rise” Arousal Gel to Ride BodyWorx Collection for Men

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Ride Rise Stimulating Gel
Sliquid Introduces “Ride Rise”

New release features Sliquid’s proprietary natural stimulation gel packaged for men

DALLAS – April 10, 2014 – Sliquid is proud to introduce Ride Rise arousal gel to its renowned Ride BodyWorx collection of high-performance intimate items for men. Derived from the same proprietary stimulation formula that Sliquid is known for, Ride Rise gives men a natural and subtle erectile boost with a high-performance topical gel. Now men and couples can give their packages the spa treatment with delicate enhancement bottled to match their favorite Ride BodyWorx products.

When applied to the base of the glans at his most sensitive “sweet spot” – aka the corona – Ride Rise gently promotes blood flow to the surface with peppermint oil and menthol, known to be natural vasodilators. This special formula is free of L-arginine, a common irritant found in other stimulation gels, and instead uses plant-based and organic botanicals that help soothe and excite delicate skin. The result is a naturally superior arousal gel that men can enjoy solo or with their partners.

“Ride Rise was made for men who prefer an organic and natural alternative to traditional male enhancement,” Sliquid CEO Dean Elliott said. “This unique gel enhances and arouses through topical application, a much safer and less invasive method than ingesting herbal supplements and stimulants, and is incredibly easy and effective. And as part of our popular Ride BodyWorx collection, Ride Rise lets male consumers complete the set, if you will, and have a full collection of spa-quality intimate products suited for their lifestyle.”

Designed for the modern man, Ride BodyWorx enhances his sexual and bodily experience with a selection of items infused with rich botanicals. Included in the line are Ride Silicone lubricant, Ride Water Based lubricant and Ride Silk Hybrid lubricant, which offers the best of both worlds, and Ride Rock delay spray. Every product is packaged in handsome opaque bottles featuring clean lines, black tones and bold metallics for an upscale appearance.

Ride Rock (delay spray), which is not new to the “Ride” followers, just made it’s way into the Ride BodyWorx newest men’s collection.

To order, please contact your preferred distributor, or email for wholesale information.

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Sliquid is the creator of personal lubricants, massage oils and body products made using only natural elements and body-safe essential oils, botanicals and ingredients. The female-focused company is dedicated to creating effective intimate products that put the health and comfort of its customers first and committed to keeping glycerin, parabens and petrochemicals out of every formula. Using sparse amounts of only the safest preservatives and natural alternatives to common irritating ingredients, Sliquid offers the cleanest, most natural lubricants on the market. Now with a 60-product collection – including Sliquid Organics and Ride Dude Lube – Sliquid is a brand that health-conscious consumers ask for by name and enjoy by the gallon.


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