The RIDE Guide: 3 Tips For Better Anal

November 16, 2017 Erik Vasquez No comments exist

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. One has a vagina, the other a penis. This old-time schoolyard rhyme accurately portrays the physical differences between men and women. However, when it comes to intercourse, there is one thing that we all have in common…ANUSES! No matter what you’re packing in the front, everyone needs to try packing it in the back at least once in their life. It’s rare that you’re partner randomly turns to you and says, “Geez, I’m just dying to have you stick it in my butt.” If they do, consider yourself the luckiest guy on the planet. Or, maybe it’s you with the tickle that needs to be scratched? Either way, here are 3 tips for better anal that every man should use to get into the mood and “ease” into the situation. After all, its sex, not a race or competition.

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Preparation for Better Anal

It’s certainly no secret that enjoying anal sex can sometimes get you into some pretty shitty situations. These situations are par for the course when it comes to butt play, but they can be avoided. In fact, washing the course in order to play the back nine is a great way to warm up you and your partner before getting into the swing of things. Douching has long been a duel-function form of preparing for anal intercourse.

First, it clears your pathway for your partner’s penis to freely penetrate your ass without concern of an unappealing mishap. As they say in the south, cleanliness is next to godliness, so get on your knees like you’re praying, lean forward with your head on the ground, and make sure you get a steady stream of water deep into your canal. You want to make sure this process is thorough, meaning all remaining water is excreted before playtime starts.

Second, this is a great opportunity for you to gauge where you are as far as readiness is concerned. Are you truly in the mood to take it? You will definitely know the moment the head of that douche breaches your sphincter. Are you finding that you are overly squeamish and need to relax to loosen up? Now is the time to start practicing, so that when you get in bed with your partner you are able to mentally focus on the act of foreplay rather than trying to relax your starfish.

Better Anal Foreplay

Speaking of foreplay: you’ve cleaned out, you’ve possibly become hornier in anticipation of what is to come, and now its time to start knockin’ on that backdoor. Unlike douching, foreplay is a two-man job that is essential to better anal. Foreplay relies on both the top (giving) and bottom (receiving) to facilitate stimulation, so here is when the magic begins. There are several ways to prepare the anus for a satisfying pounding. First, try the old faithful rimjob. Rimming, if you don’t know, is the act of running one’s tongue, like two trailer park girls, ’round the outside of your partner’s hole. You may have heard it, often known by it’s street names “eating out” or “tossing salad”. Rimming can be sexually arousing for both the top and bottom and is one surefire way to get the anus stimulated, open and ready for ramming.

Ride BodyWorx - Water BasedIf rimming isn’t enough and you think “dat ass” could use a little more invasive maneuvering before full penetration, warm it up with a little lube and your fingers. Fingers, while readily available, tend to be a less enjoyable way of getting a bottom ready. Unkempt fingernails can be a concern most bottoms do not care to deal with in the heat of the moment. *Useful life hack alert: tops, keep your nails trimmed so you’re always prepared when that spontaneous opportunity to fingerbang a dude occurs. If fingers just won’t cut it (and hopefully your nails don’t either), its time to bust out a butt toy. Toys come in all shapes and sizes, for everyone from beginners to total power bottoms that haven’t seen a street cone they don’t want to sit on. One thing to remember about any toy is that you want to use the right lube for them. Silicone toys + silicone lube = a problematic combination due to surface erosion and the possibility of bacteria formation. We suggest using our RIDE Water-Base lubricant because it pairs safely with all toy materials. If you are looking for a great toy to rev his engine, we recommend taking the Aneros Buyer’s Guide quiz for suggestions on the perfect prostate massager to use.

Better Anal with Lube!

Ride BodyWorx Silk HybridAny toy of your choice, paired with a high-performance lubricant, is going to make insertion easier and allow the two of you to experience better anal. Lube is one of the most underrated sex accouterments, and all lubricants are NOT created equal. While spit “works”, it does not greatly reduce friction, which is the main cause of discomfort during anal sex…and the bane of most bottom boy’s existence. Lube comes in a variety of formulations; however, your four main types you will see on the market will either be water-based, silicone, oil-based, or a silk hybrid lubricant. Water-based, silicone and oil-based are fairly self-explanatory, but the newer kid on the block, Silk Hybrid, is something you may not have heard of before. Hybrid lubes are a mixture of two types of lubricants (water-based and silicone) that offer the viscosity, or thickness, of a water-based lube with the super slickness of a silicone lube. For those reasons, RIDE Silk Hybrid is a wonderful option for all types of anal play.

Now that both partners have done their part in getting each other horned up, and loosened up, its time to saddle up and RIDE your guy. Don’t forget to circle back to that butt toy and make sure it stays clean and sanitized, using Sliquid’s Shine Organic Toy Cleaner, for your next trip to pound town.

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