The RIDE Guide: Does Size REALLY Matter?

November 30, 2017 Erik Vasquez No comments exist

Ah, that age-old question every man asks themselves at some point in their lifetime…does size REALLY matter?  Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer to this question.  It is a totally subjective issue that depends on who exactly you’re asking.  

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For instance, let’s start by asking your hypothetical sex partner: “Hey, totally consenting sex partner, do you care how big my Spam javelin is?”

Now, this is where your partner will most likely offer up a polite and PC answer, such as, “Of course I don’t care! Your yogurt slinger is a perfect size.  It’s not about the size anyways…it’s about how you use it.”  <insert eye roll and yawn here>. Well, now, isn’t that an adorable answer.  If you’ve ever asked your sex partner, “Does size really matter?”, I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard this word vomit before.  No, it’s not genuine, but is it true?  Let’s take this opportunity to examine this point of view.

Bets are, most men and women usually find that being bludgeoned to death by a meat bat is less than enticing. A sensibly-sized penis offers comfortability and functionality, something the receiver is more prone to enjoy. As detailed by the website Psychology Today, the Journal of Psychology of Men and Masculinity reports that the erect penis size of most men, 68% to be exact, is between 4.6 and 6 inches long. This means the majority of men have what we here at RIDE would consider an “average” pocket rocket, which is probably deemed more favorable in the eyes of a lot of people. I use words like maybe and probably because, as I stated above, this is all subjective. Unless your partner has an orifice the size of the Hoover Dam, the thought of a Jurassic cock slamming through their electrified fence and deforesting their habitat would be relatively terrifying. However, there are those crotch jockey champions out there that enjoy the challenge of engulfing something with the length and girth of a fire hydrant. Somehow, I think that even that size of a water feature could hardly quench their thirst.

What if we are talking about a baby snake kind of penis? You know the kind. Thin and short, underdeveloped, but also fast and nimble. To some, this is a turnoff, but to others, it’s a total relief! Does being too small really matter?!  Again, this all comes down to personal preference. What exactly is this winky dinky too small for?  It’s not pile-driving concrete in a construction site, right?  I assume it’s not being used to snake a toilet.  I mean, I would hope not.  So, the answer to “do you care how big my Spam javelin is”, in relation to a small penis, should be “hell no!” Anything you can do with an average and large sized dick, you can also do with a lil fella too. However, beware of those champions I mentioned above. With them, it’s like throwing a toothpick into a volcano. Listen, if a little chode brings pleasure to both partners, it sounds like a wiener…i mean winner…to me!

Now that we have asked that hypothetical sex partner, “Does size really matter?”, let us ask the holder of the peen the same question.

Hey, self, does the size of my size REALLY matter?”

The answer to this question is a little more complicated. See, while in reality, it doesn’t matter at all, we are men. Men can be ego-driven, narcissists with the need to feel bigger and better than other men. It’s called “penis envy”. Unless you wear a specialty trouser because no standard crotch fits your oh-so-manly bulge, you probably have wished upon a star to be more endowed. It is natural for the average, and below average, joe to want to be bigger. Bigger, for some reason, corresponds to the idea of power, and let’s face it, men love power. 

Power, dominance and ego aside, you are the only one who can change your outlook on what’s between your legs. You can’t change other people’s reaction to it.  Whether you’re sporting a little league bat or are playing in the big leagues, be glad that you have been blessed with a body part that brings so much pleasure to you and your sex partner or partners…we aren’t judging. Sure, we could all be a little bigger. We could also be a little richer. A little taller.  A little healthier.  A little everything!  Next time the question of “does size really matter” arises, there is only one logical answer to tell yourself…NO! And if it matters to your sex Ride Rise Stimulating Gelpartner, so be it. They can either get onboard for the RIDE or take a hike instead. You love the size of your penis, and THAT is all that matters.

If you ever need a little extra help getting your cadet to stand at full attention, be sure to check out RIDE Rise Stimulating Gel. It won’t make you any bigger, but it will help you get hard so that you can stand erect in the face of all that cocky judgment. Cheers! 


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