The RIDE Guide: A Gift For Every Top, Bottom or Vers Man

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Giving and receiving are two terms we are all familiar with around this time of year. Building on the holiday tradition of giving and receiving gifts, we have curated a small list of toys that any giving top or receiving bottom in your life would want to have stuffed deep inside their stocking. Oh wait, he’s versatile you say? Don’t worry, we got him covered too!  Give the gift of one, or all, of these amazing products…

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Nothing gives a top that warm feeling inside quite like sticking their candy cane into something with a silky warm feeling. That type of experience is exactly what Fleshjack aims to give its customers. Using their Real Feel Super Skin® sleeve, which they bill as “the most realistic intercourse simulation known to man”, this product will bring your beau to a fulfilling climax every time. Anyone with a penis will enjoy using any one of the many Fleshjack products in their line; however, they also offer their user’s the chance to build their own toy! If you’re short on time and creativity, you can always give the gift of a realistically molded mouth or anus one of his favorite adult stars. FleshJack’s FJ Boys Collection consists of megawatt superstuds such as Liam Riley, Cody Cummings, Boomer Banks, Topher DiMaggio, Jake Orion, Johnny R. Corrigan…just to name a few. 
Ride Rise Stimulating Gel For Men
Pair With: No one likes a limp top, so be sure to throw in a bottle of RIDE Rise Stimulating Gel along with his FleshJack. This potent vasodilator uses Peppermint, Sweet Almond and Menthol to stimulate his member and get it ready for insertion. For even more sensation, gift him a bottle of Sliquid Sizzle to lube up the inside of the sleeve. Food grade menthol creates a warming and cooling effect that works perfectly with any FleshJack.

The BOTTOM Line:

When your man has an ass that just won’t quit, you crave it day and night. However, unlike vaginal sex, anal intercourse has one added step that every man, or woman, should already know about. Make your eager little bottom’s preparation time easier and more efficient with the FT Stealth Shower Shot. Much like other shower shots, you connect this product to your existing shower hose. Now, here is the magic that sets this cleaner apart: you won’t ever need to take it down in between cleaning sessions because it comes equipped with a spa-style showerhead cover to conceal your douche nozzle in plain site! This product is not only functional, but it is aesthetically appealing enough that your guests will never catch on.

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Pair with: Never douche dry. Water-based lubricants are less than helpful to use in the shower, or any water for that matter.  For a more comfortable, deeper cleaning, gift your guy a bottle of RIDE BodyWorx Silicone to lube up the nozzle.


When your man is a champ and can take it just as good as he gives it, gift him the best of both worlds with the Nut-Stretch Ball-Stretcher & Butt Plug Combo by OXBALLS. This handy little gadget does double duty by making sure your partner’s rod stays hard as a rock while penetrating you, all while a perfectly sized plug is inside his own anus.  This product even has a nub in between the ring and plug that will put much-desired pressure on his taint. Made from OXBALLS “skinflex” platinum silicone, this toy can be worn comfortably during play, or out and about all day.

gift - ride silk hybrid - oxballs - cock ring - butt plug - ride guidePair with: This product is safe to use with all types lubricants, but we suggest RIDE BodyWorx Silk Hybrid. It’s easy to clean due to being water-based, but the added 12% silicone will keep his shaft nice and slick between the skin and cock ring (for less chance of chafing), as well as create a more pleasurable insertion of the plug.


While Christmas may be just days away, it doesn’t have to be the holiday season to spread cheer and your cheeks to your man. These products are great buys year-round. And remember, anyone can use any toy. Amazing sex is only constrained by the boundaries you put on it. Order all the gifts on this list and experiment with yourself and with your partner. Happy Holidays from your friends at RIDE BodyWorx.

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